About Us

(Pamela Dawn Zenisek) Growing up in Chippewa Falls, Wi., Pam was part of a very large blended family. Because of this, sometimes she would feel lost or forgotten and would have a hard time knowing where she fit in. Music was and is the constant in her life. "Music gave me my place. It gave me my voice." She would take a song whatever emotion that song may bring and bring it to life. That is an amazing gift and one that she likes to share with everyone each time she sings.  Pam participated in and won a number of large karaoke contests. She went on to be the lead singer for the Sidekick Abbey Band for the past 3 1/2 years. In March of 2017 she became one of the founding members of Whiskey & Topaz. We are very proud to have her as our front and lead vocalist. Pam uses Shure microphones. Please welcome Pamela Dawn.

(Ron "The Riffster" Amborn) Ron is a veteran musician who has played with various bands since a very young age. He is multi-talented in that he plays lead and rhythm guitar as well as keyboards, drums and vocals. Ron has shared the big stage with a number of top acts such as The Byrds, Eddie Money, Bellemy Bros., The Turtles and he has had the pleasure of playing along side Mark Healy of Badfinger. Bands that he has performed with include Black Dyamond, North 40, Qwikfire, Roadside, Nite Breed, No Refund and Cheap Sunglasses. In Whiskey & Topaz, Ron plays lead and rhythm guitar and provides back-up vocals. Ron plays Gibson and Ibanez guitars through Line 6 and Crate amplifiers. Please welcome Ron Amborn. Ron is a proud US Army Veteran.

(T. J. Neville) Terry has been playing bass since his high school days. After graduation he joined a traveling Rock band doing gigs in Wis., Ill., UP Mich., Ia. and Minn. He has recorded records and CDs with several of the bands he has been a part of. He has experience playing many genders of music including Rock n Roll, Country (Modern and Old), Disco, Blues, Punk, New Wave, Southern Rock, Heavy and Hair Rock. Bands that Terry has played with include Iron Horse, Resonators, Squirrel Cage, Crimson, Slinky, Rock Candy, Premonition, Little Defects, Fairchild, Joy and the Psychos. He has filled in on bass for Qwikfire, The Twerps, Loose Cannon, After Hours Band and Next Exit. In Whiskey & Topaz, Terry plays bass and provides both lead and back-up vocals. He plays Musicman and Warwick basses through Mesa Boogie amplifiers. Please welcome Terry Neville. Terry is a proud US Army Veteran.

(Paul Mitchell) Paul is a very gifted guitar player whose natural ability allows him to almost instantly learn and translate any song, any genre with little effort. Paul has been playing sinse he was 14 and has played in several rock bands. His influences include Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, Led Zepplin, AC/DC. Pearl Jam, Metallica and many more. He provides lead guitar expertise in Whiskey & Topaz. Paul primarily plays Gibson, Fender, Ibanez and PRS guitars through Mesa Boogie  and Orange amplifiers. Please welcome Paul Mitchell.

(Joe "The Beat" Sonsalla) Joe started banging on garbage cans along with his neighbor’s radio at the age of 2, and hopes his drumming has improved somewhat since then.  He started formal drum lessons at the age of 5 and progressed through various school band programs through college in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Joe hit the road in 1984 performing full-time with a series of bands across North America before settling down (a little) in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley.  Some of the bands Joe has had the pleasure of recording and playing with include Amy & The Toyboys, JD & The Back Alley Madmen, The Trouble With Michelle, The Contenders, Doc & The Interns, Genepool Lifeguards, Straightshooter, First Attraction, Tonal Eclipse, Fever Band, Black-Eyed Susan, Last of the Unknowns, Dixie Duffey, and The Black Sheep Band. Please welcome Joe Sonsalla.